How to Write an Instagram Bio that Converts

A few months ago, as I started sharing more about my business on Instagram, I started a little series called “Instagram Bio Audits”. I asked people to comment on a post or send me a DM if they would like help creating an Instagram Bio that would pass the “5-second test”. In other words, I … Read more

5 ways the new Instagram Stories Question Sticker can build your business

Sometimes, when creating content for Instagram Stories, I find myself in a rut. If I want to make sure I’m not all business, all of the time, what else should I be sharing about me and my life? Well, the new Instagram Stories Question Sticker is a great new way to create unique content, build … Read more

Social media unfiltered: It’s okay to break the rules!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Maggie for inspiring me to talk about a subject that’s been heavy on my heart for a while. She recently wrote a blog post that talked about how she was making a commitment to quit “filtering” her life. In this blog post, she announced that she will … Read more

Build Trust and Get More Sales. Here’s How:

No matter what you do, chances are, there are lots of other people who do similar work as you. Your customers have a ton of choices. What makes them choose you, instead of one of your competitors down the street, comes down to trust. Here are a few simple ways to gain trust with your … Read more