May Content Ideas

May is officially here – and the warm weather we’ve been wishing for in the Midwest finally is too! As I’m writing this, we have a weather forecast of 70-80’s all week, and that makes me so happy! May is a great month to share what you’re up to in your business and personal life to engage your audience on social media. If you need some support with your social media strategy this month, start here:

May is…

  1. Mental Health Awareness Month
  2. Gifts from the Garden Month
  3. Creative Beginnings Month

Trending content ideas for the month include:

  • Spring Through Your Eyes – Short, “vlog-style” Reels and TikToks are huge right now. Take a multiple 1-2 second clips of your springtime views to create a mini-vlog
  • Summer Plans – What do you have to look forward to this summer? Share away and ask your audience to do the same!
  • First week of May: Small Business Week – Share the story of how you started your small business, give a shoutout to your favorite small business owner, and/or collaborate with another small business owner this week!
  • May 8th – Mother’s Day – Share a photo of your mom along with a fun or inspiring story. Wish your audience a Happy Mother’s Day.
  • May 11th – Eat What You Want Day – What is your all-time favorite food or local restaurant? Use this as an opportunity to create conversation and engage your audience.
  • May 13th – Fruit Cocktail Day – Same as above! Do you have a cocktail recipe you could share with your audience? Or maybe you could share a local business with great cocktails!
  • May 14th – Dog Mom’s Day – If you’re a dog mom or you know your audience is full of them, create a post to engage them today! If you have a storefront, you could invite dogs to come for a treat today!
  • May 16th – Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day – A great opportunity for a random act of kindness! Can you do something nice for a local business or family in your neighborhood on this day? Ask others to spread the kindness, too!
  • May 21st – Armed Forces Day – Do you know someone who has served in the military? Thank them for their service today and share why this holiday is important to you as a brand or business owner.
  • May 25th – Wine Day – Share your favorite wine, a funny wine quote or meme, or give a shout-out to a local winery you love!
  • May 27th – Road Trip Day – When was your last road trip? Share where you went and what you loved about the trip. Or, share the next one you have planned!
  • May 30th – Creativity Day – How do you stay creative in your business? Share what helps inspire your products or services.
  • May 30th – Memorial Day – Make this day about honoring the fallen and reminding your audience what this holiday is all about. The more personal you can make this post, the better. Try to avoid generic messages and stock photos.
  • May 31st – Smile Day – Share a little something to make your audience smile today! Whether it’s a funny viral video or a funny story about your business, don’t miss this opportunity to share something lighthearted and fun.

As always, ONLY use these national days and content ideas if you can come up with something that’s completely true and relevant to your brand. Before using one of these national days, ask yourself, “Why does my business/brand care about this holiday?”. If you can’t answer that clearly, then skip it! It’s so important to have a personal brand tie-in to every piece of content you share.

Looking for some more evergreen (share anytime – not just in April!) social media content ideas? These are some easy ones you can always fall back on:

  • Address a problem that your ideal customer has and provide them with the solution (what you offer!) Discuss why your product/service is the solution.
  • Answer a Frequently Asked Question from your ideal customer.
  • Provide a free tip or piece of value that will help you build trust with your ideal customer.
  • Share a lesson learned throughout your business journey.
  • Share a recent business accomplishment that you’re proud of and thank your customers/clients for helping make it possible!
  • Share a customer/client testimonial or tell a story of how you helped them. Include a CTA (call to action) that promotes your website or offer.

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