April Content Ideas

April is here! Here in Illinois we’ve gotten a little bit of everything so far this month – sunshine, rain, and even more SNOW a couple of times already. We’re always kept on our toes here in the Midwest!

If you need some support with your business social media this month, here are some fun content ideas that will help you connect with your ideal customer:

  • The Month of April
    • Stress Awareness Month – How do you combat stress?
    • National Volunteer Month – Where do you volunteer?

    • National Humor Month – What is your favorite joke?

  • April 1 – April Fools Day – Is it “on brand” for your company to take part in an April Fool’s Joke? If so, share a “new” product or major announcement as a joke and see if you can fool your audience.

  • April 2 – National Handmade Day – Do you carry handmade products in your business? If not, do you make anything by hand as a hobby outside of business?

  • April 3 – National Find a Rainbow Day – Do you have a rainbow photo from a vacation or great memory? Share it, along with a positive and encouraging message!

  • April 6 – National Walking Day – If you love to walk, share your typical routine or route and share the benefits you’ve experienced.

  • April 10 – National Siblings Day – Share the love for your siblings today!

  • April 11 – National Pet Day – Share the love for your pets today and encourage others to do the same!

  • April 17 – Easter – Do you have an Easter tradition or favorite memory? Share it and wish your audience a Happy Easter.

  • April 18 – Tax Day – Share resources that help you get through Tax Day as an entrepreneur. You can also use this “holiday” as an opportunity to thank your customers/clients for their business.

  • April 19 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day – Is this “on brand” for you? If you work from home or get to wear loungewear, share your favorites!

  • April 22 – Earth Day – Is this holiday important to your brand or business? Share how you plan to celebrate or make a difference.

  • April 23 – National Picnic Day – Take your work outside for the day (if weather allows) and document your picnic day! Share a few items you love for a picnic.

  • April 26 – Get Organized Day – Take your audience behind-the-scenes and share a few things you do during an “organization” day in your business.

  • April 27 – National Tell a Story Day – Share a lesson learned, a customer/client story, or how and why you started your business today!

As always, ONLY use these national days and content ideas if you can come up with something that’s completely true and relevant to your brand. Before using one of these national days, ask yourself, “Why does my business/brand care about this holiday?”. If you can’t answer that clearly, then skip it! It’s so important to have a personal brand tie-in to every piece of content you share.

Looking for some more evergreen (share anytime – not just in April!) social media content ideas? These are some easy ones you can always fall back on:

  • Address a problem that your ideal customer has and provide them with the solution (what you offer!) Discuss why your product/service is the solution.
  • Answer a Frequently Asked Question from your ideal customer.
  • Provide a free tip or piece of value that will help you build trust with your ideal customer.
  • Share a lesson learned throughout your business journey.
  • Share a recent business accomplishment that you’re proud of and thank your customers/clients for helping make it possible!
  • Share a customer/client testimonial or tell a story of how you helped them. Include a CTA (call to action) that promotes your website or offer.

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