December Content Ideas

Want to keep your business social media pages active and engaging during the holidays? You’re not alone!

Here is a list of National Holidays as well as some additional content ideas for you to tie your business, brand, or personality into this month:

December 1st: National Christmas Lights Day

December 2nd: National Mutt Day

December 3rd: National Roof Over Your Head Day

December 4th: National Cookie Day

December 8th: National Christmas Tree Day

December 12th: Gingerbread House Day

December 13th: National Cocoa Day

December 15th: National Cupcake Day

December 17th: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

December 18th: National Twin Day

December 20th: National Sangria Day

December 21st: First Day of Winter

December 24th: Christmas Eve

December 25th: Christmas Day

December 28th: National Chocolate Candy Day

December 31st: New Year’s Eve


Additional ideas build a personal connection with your audience in December:

  • Do you have a family tradition that you do every year? Snap some photos and share!
  • What Christmas movies have you watched so far this year? Share your favorites and ask your audience to do the same.
  • Share your favorite ornament on the tree and why! Ask your audience if they have a favorite ornament.
  • Share what you’re making for Christmas treats, crafts with the kids, etc.
  • Is your team getting into the holiday spirit? Share how you celebrate the holidays with your peers and reflect on 2021.

My biggest piece of advice around holidays like this: Only share about them on social media if you have a personal tie to them. Resist posting stock photos and general messages like “Merry Christmas” that will likely get lost in the feed. To truly stand out on social media and create brand recognition, you want to make sure you stay personal and relatable with your audience.

Try out some of my ideas and share your results with me on Instagram!

Happy Holidays!

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