small closet ideas bohemian western

Small Closet Ideas

small closet ideas bohemian western

We have an extra bedroom that is not being used in our house, so I wanted to turn it into a place that felt like me. I wanted to blend my different styles of bohemian, rustic, and western and turn it into a place that felt fun, inviting, and cozy.

This room is essentially a “walk-in-closet” for me, and houses most of my shoes, clothes, accessories, and even some of my workout equipment. What you’ll be reading about in this blog post is just one side of the room, and maybe I’ll share the other areas of this small closet room as I finish styling them!

First off, I gave the room a fresh coat of white paint. This was a huge improvement from what it was before, which was a bright blue color. White made the room look more fresh and allowed me to have more freedom to decorate the room with the colors and styles I’m typically drawn to: which ironically is ALL neutral. 🙂

After a fresh coat of white paint, I started dreaming up some of the decorations. I don’t like a lot of “stuff”, so I wanted decorations or furniture pieces that served a purpose. The perfect solution was this open clothing rack from Amazon. I love that it not only stores my favorite boots, jackets, books, and products, but it also adds to the rustic and western vibe I was going for in this room. The clothing rack comes in black with dark wood details (which is what I got) and white with light wood details. It was very easy to put together and I really enjoyed styling it. Check it out HERE!

Because I didn’t want a ton of stuff on the walls, and I wanted everything to have a purpose, I decided to “decorate” with my western and bohemian hats instead of hanging a bunch of photos and signs on the walls. I love this look, and it was so simple!

All I did was figure out which hats I wanted on each side of the clothing rack, and estimate the exact spot on the wall that would be best to put the nail. Once I had a nail in each spot, I simply hung up the hats and it turned out that they were the perfect addition to this area of the room.

I also added this rustic American flag piece that I actually made at one of those parties where you paint and drink wine. This piece was actually one of the things that inspired the whole vibe I wanted for this room. I love it!

Underneath of the American flag is a hope chest that my great-grandpa made for me years ago.

Last, but certainly not least, I got some pampas grass from my local florist to add a little more texture and color to the area. I just popped them into a clear vase I already had at home, and I love it! This area is right in the background of my full-length mirror, so it makes for a great place to take outfit photos or share a new piece I love on my Instagram Stories.

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