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Current Haircare Routine for Long, Fine Hair

For the last 2.5 years, I’ve been married to the same hair products. Despite keeping the same long hairstyle for MOST of my life, my hair texture, manageability, and overall routine have actually changed quite a bit… in the best way possible.

I used to wash my hair every day, and use heat on it almost every day! I can’t imagine doing that now. My current routine allows me to go at least 3-4 days in between washes and I only use heat on my hair about 1-2 times per week now! In fact, I could go even longer in between washes without getting too oily, but I actually LOVE my wash routine so much, so I actually look forward to a fresh, clean wash by day 4 or 5 now. This has not only saved me a ton of time, but it has helped my hair remain healthier, stronger, shinier, and more moisturized too.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started prioritizing naturally-based products, and it’s a major plus that they’re Leaping Bunny Certified and approved by the European Union standards. If you didn’t know, the United States only bans 11 harmful chemicals and ingredients from cosmetic products. The European Union bans over 1,300+ ingredients that could be harmful to our hair, skin, and scalp over time. It gives me peace of mind to use products that are safe and also anti-aging!

Another fun fact while we’re on that topic: The scalp actually ages much faster than the skin on our body. And healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so it’s important to prioritize scalp health!

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So, let’s get into my current routine!

Haircare Routine for Long, Fine Hair

Wash day:

  • Gently scrub and massage the scalp with Purifying Scalp Scrub. If you’re someone who loves to use dry shampoo between washes, you sweat a lot, or you just love a super deep clean, this is for you. This is easily one of my favorite additions to my routine in the past several months.
  • Shampoo once with Black 2+1 shampoo and conditioner. This has the most invigorating, refreshing scent and feel. It lightly clarifies (deep cleans) while promoting hair density and thickness.
  • Shampoo for a SECOND time with either Black 2+1 again OR Advanced Hydrating Conditioner if I’m feeling a little extra dry. Hyaluronic Acid is infused into this shampoo to help provide light hydration, shine, and nourishment to the hair.
    • Are you wondering why I shampoo my hair twice? The FIRST shampoo gets rid of buildup: product buildup, dirt, debris, etc. And the SECOND shampoo actually cleans the hair super well after all that buildup is gone.
  • Condition with Intense Repair Conditioner for hair strength, growth, and repair. This is one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used. I leave it on for about 2 minutes to allow for deep moisture and repair.
  • I rinse my products VERY well and love to let each of them sit for about 2 minutes to give them enough time to work their magic.
  • My post-wash routine changes a little bit based on how I will be styling my hair that day. Since I let my hair air dry 90% of the time, I typically just use my Unknot Detangler and sometimes Blow Out Cream to smooth frizz, protect against the heat of a blow dryer, and cut down blow-drying time. Though I almost always air dry my hair these days, sometimes I will hit it with a blow dryer to smooth it out once it’s about 90% dry.

Day 2, 3, 4, and beyond:

  • If I’m curling my hair, I will ALWAYS use my Heat Protectant Spray before touching it with a hot iron. It protects up to 450 degrees, but ever since improving the health of my hair and using products that remove buildup, I use a very low amount of heat – usually 320-350 degrees is plenty.
  • After I use my curling wand for some loose, messy curls, I will use Restyle Sculpting Taffy and Dry Texturizing Spray to help them hold all day (and sometimes for a couple of days!). These two products are incredible at providing a little grit, volume, texture, and fullness.
  • If I do NOT curl my hair on a given day, I will use a tiny bit of Conditioning Dry Shampoo at the roots to soak up excess oil and give me volume. And because my hair is bleached and the ends are prone to damage, I will use Leave-In Conditioner almost every day on the ends because it’s extremely lightweight, smooths out frizz, protects my hair color, and prevents breakage.

Weekly treatments:

  • Every week or every other week, I love to give my hair and scalp a little extra love. This is either with an overnight Rejuveniqe Oil treatment (how-to video here) or a hair masque in the shower. My current favorite is the Advanced Hydrating In-Shower Masque, and it’s perfect for combatting frizz, dryness, breakage, split ends, and more.

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All of the products I mention in this blog post can be found on my personal website.

While you’re here, feel free to check out my blog post on how I safely went from brunette to blonde.

You may be thinking…

“Wow, your showers may take a long time!”

To me, it doesn’t take that long and it’s 100% worth it. I plan my wash days on days where I’m going to also shave, so I can multitask while my hair masque, shampoo, or conditioner are sitting on my hair and scalp. Altogether, it’s about a 10-minute wash routine and it’s like an at-home spa experience!

“That seems like a lot of products!”

Again, it’s totally worth it to me. There is nothing wrong with keeping your haircare or skincare routine super simple, but I’ve noticed that since using one brand that’s MADE to work together, promote hair manageability, growth, and health, my routine is made much easier and more effective overall with the help of a few extra products.

I could write and speak about beauty products for HOURS (clearly!), so I’m going to end this blog post here before it turns into a novel. I’ve been helping others with their beauty routine for years, and it gives me great fulfillment to help others find products that work for them and boost their confidence.

Could you use a little help? Email me at hope.linker1@gmail.com and I can help design a custom haircare routine for your exact hair type and goals!

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