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How to Get Out of Comparison Mode

Have you been stuck in COMPARISON mode on social media?⁣

This is where you’re consuming soooo much content from industry leaders that you look up to… to the point where you start comparing yourself to them, falling into imposter syndrome (afraid of being called out or looking like a fraud), and ultimately, self-sabotaging to the point where you do NOTHING.⁣


Ouch. I’ve been here before and I’ve learned a lot about how to get out of it. Here are a few quick tips:⁣

🤍 Create your own content before you consume others. I’ve also heard before that you should create 7 times MORE content than you consume. Can you imagine what that would do for your business?!⁣

🤍 Follow a VERY select few industry leaders that you look up to. Be very selective of the Stories, live videos, blog posts, etc. that you consume. Everything else is just “fluff” that will distract you and keep you further away from creating your own content and doing the work.⁣

🤍 Be obsessed with your own growth. If you’re obsessed with your own growth and goals, you won’t have time to compare yourself to anyone else. ⁣

If you’re committed to creating MORE content than you consume this week, let me know your plan of action!

And if you’re not sure how to make a plan, DM me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll send ya a free resource to get started. 👊🏽

Time to grow.

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