4 Things Your Social Media Manager Wants You to Know

Deciding to work with a social media manager can be exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at the same time. Bringing in someone to help you level up your social media platforms and connect with more people is a huge step, and it can be met with a lot of uncertainty! After all, hiring a social media manager involves placing a lot of trust in them to run your accounts with the same care and attention you would.

Today, I’m listing four things your social media manager wants you to know about your future or current partnership. And, SPOILER – they are just as excited as you for this next step in your business journey.

  1. We’re just as excited as you are!

    Don’t worry – we know what we are doing, but we also get butterflies when it comes to a new partnership! The bottom line is that we want to impress you and make your brand the best it can be – and that comes with some nervous feelings! 

    It’s important to be able to be candid and talk with your social media manager about the emotions you’re feeling entering into a contract or partnership with them. Chances are, we will be able to give you great guidance and clarity that will help you feel confident in your decision to work with us.

  2. It’s okay if your platform isn’t already perfect!

    You hired us for a reason, right?! Don’t feel embarrassed or worried about the content that may already be up on your profile. Trust me, we don’t judge if graphics aren’t perfect or captions are few and far between! Our job is to take what you have and transform it into something even better, while utilizing the amazing groundwork you’ve already laid.

  3. We want your input.

    Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion when it comes to content you want to see, graphics you want to be created, or caption ideas you thought of that you’d love to be posted on your account. Your social media manager welcomes and WANTS your input. It’s your brand, after all! We are there to contribute ideas and support you as much as you’d like, but we also welcome ideas and critiques from you – our client!

  4. It’s never too late to hire help!

    You might feel like it’s too late in the game for you to hire a social media manager. Maybe you’ve been running your own Instagram account for years now, or are worried that a sudden change in branding might cause you to lose business.

    Your social media manager knows exactly how to bridge the gap between old content and new, and create a rebrand that helps your business – not hurts it. For this reason, it’s never too late to hire help! I have worked with clients who haven’t even created their platform yet, and clients who have been doing it themselves for several years – and tons in between! 

    If you feel you need help, reach out – I WANT to hear from you and learn all about your brand. I hope to see you in my inbox!

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