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3 Easy Content Ideas to Keep Your Social Media Updated All Year Round

Here’s the thing about social media: it’s constantly changing. You can have one AMAZING post, but if you don’t keep up the momentum, your content is going to get buried under posts from other people your audience is following (and, chances are, there’s a lot of them.)

For this reason, it’s essential that you post on your go-to social media platforms consistently. 

I hear you: What am I supposed to post? I’ve already talked about my business, myself, etc… The only thing left to do is promote my products and services!

The great thing about your social media audience is that they are looking for any value you can provide to them. Sure, most of your posts should somehow tie back to you or your business mission, but not every post has to be a call to action for your website. Keeping it real on social media and spicing things up with useful content is a must. After all, no one wants to follow a blunt sales page disguised as an Instagram account.

Here are three content ideas to keep your platform updated all year ‘round!

  • Holiday posts. Holiday posts are easy and fun because they allow you to make connections with your audience and wish them well during special times while simultaneously getting your content (and profile) seen! An easy way to do this is to snap a holiday photo or create a holiday-themed graphic in Canva reading “____ wishes you happy holidays!” or “Season’s greetings from ____!” I also love to send out “fun” and lesser-known holidays to my email newsletter (subscribe at the bottom of this page!) for holidays such as National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or National Bubble Bath Day. My general rule of thumb is to create a PERSONAL tie to any holiday you wish to post about. If you can’t share how you’re personally celebrating or why the holiday is relevant to your brand, products/services, or customer, then I suggest skipping it. Shareable content is huge, so if you create a graphic that’s entertaining or valuable, more people are likely to share it with your audience, which can expand your reach rapidly! If you give this a shot, make sure you add your social media handle somewhere on the graphic to ensure people know how to find you!
  • A day in the life. When people shop small businesses or work directly with entrepreneurs, they want an experience they can’t get from large retail chains or huge companies. They want a personal connection! Though you may have introduced yourself on Instagram, chances are you haven’t really showed your audience who you are. An easy and fun way to do this is to post stories throughout your day making up a “day in the life” – making it one of my favorite content ideas. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to do any special photoshoots or planning – simply snap photos while you work outside, make dinner, walk your dog, etc…and let your followers see what you’re up to! Doing this builds personal relationships that make your audience much more likely to choose YOUR business over someone else’s.
  • Behind the scenes. Newsflash: your Instagram doesn’t have to be all rainbows and sunshine! People appreciate REAL content – so don’t feel like you have to fine-tune and heavily edit everything that goes up on your socials to make it look like you have it all together. In fact, giving followers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes aspects of your work (the good, the bad, AND the ugly) is a great way to show your audience how much of your heart and soul you put into your business. While you should never just openly complain, being real with your followers about your hardships and successes – and letting them see these for themselves – is a great way to build rapport. 

If you plan on using any of these content ideas throughout the year to keep your socials looking lively, leave me a comment down below! I’d love to hear your ideas and follow along on your social media journey!

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