What to Post on Social Media When You’re Low on Content Ideas

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… one of the BIGGEST pain points I hear from other business owners who want to improve their social media strategy is…

“I don’t know what to post”

It’s BY FAR one of my most frequently asked questions. And while I have shared several Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV’s, etc. to help brainstorm this, I know it can be helpful to have another list or “hub” that you can come back to anytime you’re feeling stuck with your social media strategy!

So, here are some of my go-to post categories when engagement may be down and you need to “stop the scroll” to really get your audience’s attention.

  • Share a customer story or testimonial!
    • Remember, your ideal customers that have been watching you post on social media about your business may be SUPER interested in what you offer… but they’re just scared to invest. For those people, you can “seal the deal” by sharing a customer win, a 5-star review, or just share an amazing story or experience that you had with a customer! It’s that social proof that helps your prospects gain even more trust in you and get them closer and closer to investing in your product or service.
  • The “Me too” factor.
    • This is a bit more on the personal side, and it may not be directly tied to your business. But guess what?! Sometimes those are the posts that do the BEST. Sharing your amazing products and services with the world is needed but what will get you to REALLY connect with your people is that “me too” factor aka RELATING to them. The “me too” factor is when someone reads your post and thinks, “Wow, me too. I feel the same way.” So, brainstorm some things that your ideal customer may be going through right now. Where are they in life? What kind of season are they in? What keeps them up at night? What are they struggling with? Is it body confidence issues? Is it being SO busy in their business and barely having a second to breathe? Is it struggling financially? Think of something that will help you relate to them and tell a story about it. The relatability factor will help create that emotional connection with you, which is icing on top of the cake for all of your other posts.
    • Side note: it doesn’t have to be something sad or difficult! You can definitely hit on the “me too” factor with light, humorous, or neutral feelings and stories too.
  • Think of something that your ideal customer is searching for.
    • This is where market research can come in super handy. I have a full blog post on market research if you want to learn more about that HERE! I highly, highly recommend implementing this in your business. The main premise of this post idea (sharing something that your ideal customer is searching for) is so that YOU become their go-to source. Think about your ideal customer and consider what they may be looking up on YouTube, Pinterest, or Google right now. Is it “tips and tricks to drink more water”? Is it “how to double your sales”? Is it “how to plan an inexpensive family vacation”? Think of the things that are running through your ideal customer’s head right now and create content that answers those questions! Essentially, think of your own social media pages and website as their search engine (YouTube, Google, Pinterest, etc.) so they don’t have to spend time searching around on other websites. It’s not only more personal to hear the tips from someone they know or they already follow, but it also positions YOU as the thought leader and builds that long-term connection with YOU as their trusted source.
  • Share a passion, hobby, or topic that’s totally different than what you normally post.
    • So, the truth is… if we’re posting about the same topics over and over again (guilty, sometimes!), people may begin to tune you out if they always know what to expect. I’ve said it time and time again – sometimes, I get stuck in “teacher mode” and the majority of my content is education-based around social media marketing. I’ve been working to do a better job at implementing more light, short, easy to consume topics that will complement my educational social media and business posts. Some examples include: health and wellness tips, beauty and fashion ideas, and just more personal/lifestyle content in general. And what’s the result of that? An audience that loves you for YOU and feels like they know you outside of what you offer. That’s so important! So, think of those hobbies, passions, or topics that you care about… that could also resonate with your ideal customer and build that personal connection with them. Those can be additional connecting points on top of your normal social media posts that are directly tied to your business.
  • Post about a current event or upcoming holiday!
    • This is a fun one to implement every now and then! I frequently Google “National Holidays in July” or whatever month is upcoming when I’m planning content for my social media clients. Whether it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or Labor Day, it’s helpful to plan ahead and use these holidays to your advantage. I encourage you to use them to supplement your social media strategy when you have a direct brand tie-in or you can actually share something meaningful about the given holiday or current event… just don’t overuse them. 🙂 Find more about my tips on using holidays in your social media strategy in this blog post.

I hope that was helpful to give you a few new post ideas! Let’s face it: sometimes we complicate social media too much. One of my biggest tips to having a strong social media strategy is to PLAN AHEAD. If you don’t have any sort of plan or content strategy, and you have those “I don’t know what to post” moments at 8 p.m. on a weeknight… let’s chat! I have a low cost, low commitment 1-hour consultation where I can help you come up with a strategy that will give you endless post ideas every week.

If you’re ready to improve your social media strategy and establish some consistency in your business, book a 1-hour call with me here:


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