3 Things That Will Actually Grow Your Business

I know what it feels like to be constantly hunting for the next social media tip, consuming endless trainings, and feeling like there’s something missing in YOU or in your business. But, I want to share what I’ve learned that will REALLY make a difference in your business.⁣

Strap in… because a lot of us need this little tough love reminder today, and next week, and the week after that. 👇🏽⁣

〰️ Have a strong purpose. Why do you do what you do? Is it for your kids? Is it so your husband doesn’t have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet? Is it to carry on a family-run business? Is it because your business is the ONLY thing you do for yourself? Define your purpose and make sure it’s top of mind every day. It should be strong enough to get you out of bed in the morning and carry you through the rough days when you don’t want to work.⁣

〰️ Have a strong mindset. If you tell yourself “I’ll never be good at this”, or “I’m just not pretty enough”, or “I’ll never lose these last 10 pounds”… I hate to break it to you, but if that’s your mindset, you’re right. 😔 Developing a strong mindset involves building your own confidence, changing the way you speak about yourself, and doing personal development. Some of my personal development favorites are: @edmylett@johncmaxwell@oftenambitious@theskinnyconfidential, and @angieleeshow. I’m also diving in to @ryanholiday some more.⁣

〰️ Have *majorly* strong discipline. This is a by-product of all of the above and it may be a hard pill to swallow. Have you broken promises to yourself? Have you been disappointed in yourself for not reaching your goals? Have you been procrastinating things you know you should do? Because SAME. We’re all human. But as soon as I watched a video where @willsmith said “self-discipline is self-love”… it changed everything for me. Because if you don’t have the discipline for your goals and your desires, you’re self-sabotaging and quite frankly, you’re not loving yourself. *gulp* this one hurt. 😂⁣

If discipline or time management is tough for you, I want you to try out the Pomodoro Method! There are a few different ways to do this, but I personally go by this break down: Set a timer for 50 minutes. During the 50 minutes, you have completely focused, intentional work with ZERO distractions. Once the 50-minute timer is up, you move on to 10 minutes of a complete technology break. During the 10-minute break, you do not check your phone or email or social media notifications. You breathe, move, grab some water, stretch, etc. I repeat this 50:10 breakdown a few times before a longer break! This has helped me a lot in staying disciplined and limiting distractions while I work. There’s a lot more to it than that, but that can be a great start if you’re looking for some guidance.

Okay, now take a deep breath. I know that may have been a lot to take in. But here’s what I’m learning about business and life in general: It’s about 95% mindset and 5% skill. Or something like that. 😂

Is this something you’re working on, too? It becomes more and more apparent to me every day that *this* is what it’s all about.

I know it’s tough, but I’m here for you and we have endless resources to help us through it. What are you struggling with right now in your business? And how can I help? 🤍👇🏽

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How to Grow Your Business

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