7 Ways to Be More Authentic on Social Media

Ahhh, “authentic” is such a trendy word on social media right now, but it’s truly proving to be more and more important in your social media strategy. Everyone is saying “be authentic” on social media, but if you’re wondering HOW to actually do that, I’m here to provide some tips for you. Upping your authenticity can help your audience relate to you and connect to you. And if you’re no stranger to my content, you know that this can build trust with your audience, which should be the goal of your social media, anyway!

  1. Commit to showing up no matter what you look like. Yes, we love polished, professional photos and videos as business owners. But, we also love the occasional “reality” moment. Professional blazer or hoodie, makeup or no makeup, perfectly-curled hair or messy bun, a brand new shirt or a shirt with a coffee stain on it… show up! Showing up even when you’re not all “put together” makes you human.
  2. Share more than your products and services. This is perfect content especially for Stories, which are only active for 24 hours on Facebook and Instagram. Admittedly, I sometimes get stuck in “teacher mode” because I’m a social media coach and marketing mentor and I love educating. However, I get tons of engagement any time I share OTHER things that make me ME! My audience loves when I share my workouts, funny memes, what I’m eating/drinking, photos and videos of my dogs, heartfelt messages about my family and friends, etc. Be MORE than your business. Try to balance information AND entertainment in your content.
  3. Give your audience a “peek behind the curtain”. I constantly talk about the power of behind-the-scenes content in my social media coaching program for small business owners! If you sell products, show them how you MAKE that product. Share what went into it! Not only does it show your audience the time, effort, and passion that goes into what you offer, but it also helps the consumer gain trust with you when you walk them through the process. If you provide a service, like personal training or nutrition consulting, tell STORIES about your clients and the transformations you have worked through together. Keep them anonymous if you don’t have their permission, of course! Storytelling content is huge, and I have another blog post linked HERE for some storytelling ideas.
  4. Be transparent when you’re struggling or not having a great day. In business, we’re constantly focused on putting our best foot forward, sharing helpful content, and posting the “highlights”. And that’s okay, for the most part. But you’ll be a lot more relatable to your audience when you share that it’s not all “business” all the time. Just don’t be “vulnerable” for the sake of attention or engagement. And when you DO share a little bit of vulnerability, process it YOURSELF and individually with someone you trust before processing it on the Internet. That’s key! 🙂 The last thing I’ll say about vulnerability is that if you’re going to call attention to the fact that you’re struggling, make sure there’s a valuable message/lesson shared, too.
  5. With that being said, don’t be afraid to share your JOURNEY. Did you make a big mistake when first starting out in your business? Did you majorly mess up on a project yesterday? Don’t be afraid to share it. Once again, attach something valuable at the end of the story. Attach a reason for why you’re sharing the story and provide a nugget of value.
  6. Be UNDERSTANDING. Show that you understand your audience’s pain points, their objections, their fears, etc. People will feel a lot more connected to you if they feel UNDERSTOOD by you. Bonus: share a story of how you once felt that way too and how you overcame it. Or share a story of how you helped a customer/client/business partner THROUGH that feeling.
  7. Express GRATITUDE. I try to frequently mention how thankful I am for my business, my clients and customers, and my social media platforms because I TRULY AM! Without social media, I literally wouldn’t have a job. So, I’m not only always trying to give back to my audience by providing consistent value and free tips, but I’m also THANKING them in 1-on-1 conversations in the DMs and in posts for my whole audience to see.

There you have it, friend! Thank you for committing to being more authentic on social media! There’s nothing wrong with social media being a “highlight reel” for the most part, but a little reality is refreshing and relatable. 

What questions do you have about this? Drop a comment below and I’m here to help!

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How to Be More Authentic on Social Media - here are 7 tips!

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