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5 Ways to Engage With Your Ideal Customer on Instagram

Gone are the days where you can just make a social media post and ensure 100% of your audience sees it! Social media is changing for the better. One-on-one conversations and HUMAN interaction is REQUIRED. I want to teach you some new ways that you can truly engage with your ideal customer.

  1. Think of hashtags they may be using and start following them. Make it a priority to engage with at least 5 posts under those hashtags per day!
  2. Do a keyword search. Is your ideal customer a Fashion Blogger? Type that in your search bar and find the first few profiles that come up. Again, follow and engage with those people!
  3. Reply to their Instagram Stories! This can be as simple as using the Quick Reactions (laughing, love, clapping, crying, fire, etc.), but it’s even better to type out a meaningful response. Engaging in the Stories/DM’s is SO important for growth and relationship building.
  4. Use the Discover Followers feature! First off, find someone who fits your ideal customer base. Go to their profile and click on the down arrow next to the following button! From there, you’ll find suggested profiles that may be similar to the ideal customer you started with. Nifty, right??
  5. Think of profiles that your ideal customers are following. Again, if your ideal customer is a fashion blogger, go to popular profiles that THEY would love. Nordstrom? Target? Popular fashion bloggers? Go through the likes and comments and start doing some research! Start following those accounts, comment on their most recent post, etc.

Last but not least, just simply engage with the people who are already engaging with you! Make sure it’s a two-way conversation with your people. Reply to their DM’s. Reply to their comments. Reply when they share your content. I think we sometimes get so caught up in finding NEW people, when we should really still be focused on loving on your long-time, already engaged followers and customers. 🙂

If this sounds like A LOT of effort, I get it… but just know that a little goes a long way! You don’t need to do ALL of this, every day, in order to see growth and community engagement. Just start with one!

What’s one engagement strategy you want to improve on?

Btw, you can pin the graphic below to one of your Pinterest boards so you can come back to this blog post later!

Guide for how to build relationships and engage with your ideal customers on Instagram

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