How to Repurpose Your Content

Creating promotional/value-add content for your business is SO important, but there’s a common problem with many business owners:

They’re not repurposing any of it!  And that’s why some get EXHAUSTED if they’re constantly in “creation mode”.

You should never, ever think of your content as “one and done.” I recommend creating evergreen content as often as possible! Evergreen content consists of blog posts, graphics, e-books, videos, etc. that have no “expiration date”. They can be shared today, a month from now, and even a year from now. It’s content that is “timely” or relevant any day of the year. Make sense?

Also, you can’t expect that 100% of your audience (or even close to that) will see your blog post, video, podcast, social media post, etc. the first time it’s mentioned. All the more reason to plug each piece of content on different channels and different ways!

Here are a few ideas on HOW to repurpose your content:

  1. Have a blog post that was super popular? Film a VIDEO where you essentially explain all of the information that’s in that blog post. Host it on YouTube, Facebook Live, IGTV, etc. Also, if you have a podcast, you could READ that blog post on a podcast, add in some extra words and some real-life examples/explanations, and BOOM. You have a podcast episode that you barely have to even think about since you already wrote the content for it once. You can also take a blog post and share maybe 1-2 pieces of information from it on Instagram Stories and lead your audience to your blog post for even more in depth information. You could also give away one small bit of the blog post in a Facebook post, and encourage your audience to head to the blog for the rest. Again, do this in DIFFERENT ways on DIFFERENT social media channels. Say you have a blog post with 5 TIPS on a given topic, use each of these tips as an individual Instagram Story, Instagram post, or Facebook post. The blog post is simply there as a more “in depth” piece of content. But each one out of 5 tips can be individually promoted, too. 
  2. Repurpose your Instagram content by sharing it to Facebook (or any other channel that’s right for you/your audience. I DO recommend that you have slightly different strategies for different social media channels, but… at the very least, you can share the same piece of content on two different channels. In my opinion, that’s better than ONLY focusing on one platform. I like to play on Instagram so much more than Facebook, so I tend to think of Facebook last (oops), and I usually just re-use or slightly edit an older Instagram post to schedule for Facebook. I don’t necessarily recommend sharing the same post on Instagram and Facebook on the same day, at the same time. I would prefer to see you space them out at least a couple of days! I’m also a big fan of just changing up the photo OR the copy. If you have more photos than you do “words”, I would recommend changing up the photo. But, if you’re more of a writer, change up the words but use the same photo! Slight variances are often *just enough* to catch people’s eye even if they already saw that piece of content on another channel.
  3. Trim down a Facebook Live, IGTV, YouTube video, etc. into some smaller clips. This would be perfect to share on Instagram Stories and/or a post in your feed. Don’t feel like you constantly need to reinvent the wheel! If a piece of content resonated well in the past, find creative ways to reuse it in different formats!
  4. Update your old posts with new information! Sure, you want to create evergreen content as often as possible, but let’s face it: things CHANGE no matter what industry you’re in. So, instead of creating a totally new piece of content, just UPDATE an older piece with whatever information has changed! This can be easily done for social media posts, blog posts, and printed marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, etc.
  5.  In general, just REUSE some of your older content! Go ahead: scroll back in your social media feed from a couple of months ago. Find a post that you think would still resonate with your audience, and make some small edits to create a new post out of it! Chances are, they’re not going to remember your exact words from 2 months ago. And if you’re intentional about social media, your audience is GROWING… so don’t be afraid to focus on that new audience and maybe share past tips, videos, blog posts, etc. that they haven’t seen yet!

Moral of the story: There are sooo many interesting and creative ways to reach your customers: blog posts, videos (short form and long form!), podcasts, webinars, e-books, digital courses, email newsletters, and more. Find NEW ways to use OLD content, so you’re not constantly riding the content creation wheel.

As always, I feel like this is a topic I could probably share A LOT more information on, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep these blog posts a little shorter! If you made it this far, I appreciate you! 🙂

Please share this with a friend who’s in business and could use a little help with repurposing their marketing content! And be sure to check out my blog post on building a loyal audience that trusts you HERE. It’s a good one!

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