Build Trust and Get More Sales. Here’s How:

No matter what you do, chances are, there are lots of other people who do similar work as you. Your customers have a ton of choices. What makes them choose you, instead of one of your competitors down the street, comes down to trust. Here are a few simple ways to gain trust with your audience so you can ensure you’re the one they choose now and in the future.

  • Show up
    • Just show up… early and often. Whether this is showing up at community events or posting consistently on your social media channels, make sure you are frequently seen by your ideal customers. Showing up gives you the chance to provide an experience for them – whether that’s a smile and a wave, providing free advice online, or just sharing the personal moments of your life with them. Your target customers won’t necessarily trust you based on one small experience with you, so make sure you’re showing up early and often in order to build trust over time.
  • Show that your product or service has worked for someone else
    • I’m such an advocate for testimonials! And in the beginning of your venture, you may need to do some “free” work in exchange for a testimonial or two. Your potential customers want to hear other people’s success stories. If you haven’t helped someone else, why should they trust that you’re the real deal? Ask every customer for a testimonial or review on your Facebook page. It will pay off!
  • Speak directly to them… and get specific
    • Create a short and sweet statement that showcases what you do and who you help.
    • I help <choose your niche: restaurant owners, single moms, boutique owners, financial advisors, etc.> <insert the benefit/outcome of working with you>.
      • Example: I help boutique owners increase their online sales through social media and email marketing.
      • Example: I help single moms save for their future and provide for their family.
    • When you get super-specific about you who want to help, they will feel special and understood. Your “I help” statement is key in nailing down your niche. When your customers feel that they are directly spoken to, it will be hard for them to say no. Create content specifically for the person or type of people you want to help in your business.
  • HELP THEM before you expect them to pay you
    • Provide free education! So many business owners are afraid of giving away “free” advice, but let me tell ya, you can learn just about anything with a quick Google search or YouTube video. There is so much information already out there, so put your own spin on it, add your personality, and share your story. Provide an experience for them. If you build their trust through free educational tools, they will consider you as a thought leader in your industry. And when it becomes too overwhelming for them to do on their own, they’ll come to you with an open wallet.
      • Examples of free education: Blog posts, social media posts, videos, webinars, phone consultations, email marketing, etc. The list goes on 🙂

You can’t expect someone to invest in your product or service without knowing they can trust you. Talk to them. Plaster your testimonials and reviews in proposals, on your website, and on social media. Get specific about your ideal customer and the niche you represent. Provide free education. Boom… watch the sales come in. 🙂

When people trust you, they’ll want to work with you.

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