Just another way to grow your business with Instagram

As of December 12th, you can now follow specific hashtags on Instagram. I always get excited whenever I discover a new Instagram #girlboss, fashion blogger, or artsy business that inspires me, so I’m excited that this feature will make that a whole lot easier. It’s also just another way that your brand can be discovered by future followers and customers. Thousands of hashtags are used every single day, and as a business owner, there are probably a few that you might want to keep an eye out for on a consistent basis.

I’ll show you which hashtags I follow on Instagram, and hopefully that will give you some ideas based on the industry you’re in – or the various causes, hobbies, and passions you care about.


Just like a specific user’s profile, you can unfollow a hashtag at any time. Be careful with this – hashtags can sometimes be a little spammy, and warrant unwanted, inappropriate photos that have NOTHING to do with the actual hashtag. My advice? Be picky about the hashtags you use, and be sure to scroll the hashtag’s feed religiously before you click “Follow” and start engaging. Sometimes, the hashtags with a smaller amount of posts behind them are the best ones to use. This can often mean that a more niche, focused audience is using them – without spammy accounts or users. 

What are your favorited hashtags to use on the ‘gram? And what are your favorite ones to follow?


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