Instagram’s exciting new feature: Highlights and Archives

If you use Instagram for your business, chances are, you’ve probably experimented with Instagram Stories. If not, you should be! This Snapchat-like feature allows you to tie moments of your day into a slideshow format. You can add text, stickers, emoji’s, filters, and more to your Instagram Stories. The photos and videos disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your grid or feed. Since Instagram is all about professional quality and a cohesive grid, Stories are a great way to showcase more laid-back, personalized content – without messing with your grid consistency.

A little over 1 week ago, Instagram introduced something new: Stories Highlights and Stories Archive. These new tools allow you to hold on to your favorite moments longer than 24 hours. Stories Highlights will now appear in a new section on your profile, right below your bio. If you want to add a Highlight, simply tap the Highlight icon on the lower right-hand corner of your current Instagram Story. You can also choose any Stories from your archive that you would like to add to the Highlights section. Your new Highlights will appear below your Instagram bio, and they will stay there until you choose to remove them.


Your Stories will automatically save to your archive after 24 hours.

Say you’re a bakery owner, and you’ve created an Instagram Story on your go-to frosting recipe. You can save that to your Highlights so your Instagram followers can see it as long as you choose!

Or maybe you’re a fashion boutique owner who created an Instagram Story on the different ways to style a blanket scarf. You can keep that mini-tutorial on your profile all fall and winter long – until you choose to remove it!

Most social networks are constantly adding updates and new features. Get ahead of the competition by being the first one in your industry to start using them!


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