How to use holidays in your social marketing plan

I’ve been known to say “That’s my favorite holiday!” about 5 or 6 different holidays. I absolutely adore 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. I even love the overpowering and overdone Valentine’s Day. And if it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Day, you know I’ll celebrate that, too.

But a popular topic amongst marketers is how to work holidays into your social media content, if at all. Here’s a few questions I ask myself before I propose a holiday-themed post for a client’s content calendar.

  • Do you have a brand tie in? Does it make sense for YOUR company to celebrate this holiday?
  • Are you completely relying on major holidays (and silly ones, such as National Cake in The Face Day) to fill your social media pages?
  • Is there a way to execute the holiday differently on your various channels?
  • If you do post about the given holiday, do you have a way of being creative with it? Or are you going to just post a generic stock photo and a broad “Happy xx Day!” message? If it’s the latter, skip it.

Why do you need to ask yourself these questions? Because if not…

  • Your content can seem like “fluff”
  • Your post can get lost in the hundreds of other holiday-related posts
  • Your brand can be seen as insincere

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. Don’t force yourself to post 7 times per week just because you read an article that told you to do so. If certain holidays jive with your brand values and work culture, showcase what you do to celebrate them. If not, engage with other people’s posts and enjoy the holiday cheer. Then, move on to a piece of content that you know your audience will resonate with.

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