The story behind the biz


Why I started

It’s simple. I wanted to help small business owners. When I quickly realized how many different things small business owners juggle, it became clear to me why marketing is often an afterthought. I wanted to help them keep the focus on their customers. If customers are not engaged regularly online, it can become easy for them to forget about your business. Which leads me to this thought: Business owners should be working ON their business, not IN their business.

You focus on building your empire and working directly with your clients, and I’ll focus on expanding your online presence. Social media management, blog post writing, and design are not only time consuming, but it can get overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with the ongoing changes in the marketing world. So, I became a freelancer to help businesses with that very thing.

Why I didn’t choose a catchy, clever business name

I want people to want to work with ME. I want my business to stay true to myself, and not have to use some formal business-y tone of voice just to get customers to realize I’m the real deal. You won’t catch me using words I don’t know the meanings to, and you won’t read any of my writing that I wouldn’t say out loud. I used my personal full name as my business name, so my customers knew that they would be talking directly with me – a real person with genuine ideas and strategies that will be tailored just for you and your business. After all, social media can often be unrealistic, staged, and fake. That’s why my personal philosophy (and my marketing philosophy!) is to stay true to yourself and keep it personal. Chat with your customers like you would a close friend or family member. #KeepItReal

Why do you support small businesses? And if you’re a small business owner, why should people support YOU? Let’s have a convo in the comment section below.

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