St. Lucian Safari


I tried really hard to create one blog post that encompassed our entire trip to St. Lucia, but it was way too difficult. So, two (maybe three!) are coming your way!

The safari trip started off with a Jeep ride through Castries and other surrounding villages. Our tour guide was fantastic at pointing out different fruit trees, unique plants (& poisonous ones!), and sharing little tidbits of history as we cruised through the winding roads of the beautiful island.

When we arrived to Treetop Adventure, I immediately knew we were going to have a blast. We were taken through a beautiful greenhouse with tons of different colors, shapes, and sizes of plants we had never seen before. We were also greeted by chickens and goats! The main part of this tour was the zipline adventure. We zoomed through 12 different ziplines – all ranging in height, speed, and scenery. In between each line was a short hike, stair climb, or wooden board walk. The Treetop Adventure crew was so good about taking photos and videos of us having a blast at what they call their second home.

Now, I’m all about the thrill of a rollercoaster or a fast zipline, but my favorite part of the day came after that adventure.

Another Treetop Adventure employee took us out into the rainforest to teach us “survival mode”. He taught us how to live off of a coconut – you know, if we ever find ourselves stranded on an island (#goals).

From start to finish, he demonstrated how to properly open a coconut (without losing all of the water), peel back the fibrous layers, make a fire, drink the water, eat the “meat” of the fruit, and how to prep it for skincare.

It was such a fun experience and one thing I walked away from is this: Fresh coconut water is miles and miles tastier than the bottled version we can find in the States.

Never be afraid to step off of your beach resort to experience genuine culture, life lessons, fun stories from local residents, and even survival mode!

Thanks for reading! There’s more – coming soon! ?

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