Adventures in The Cayman Islands


You could say that last year was an unbelievable year of travel for me. If you missed my blog post on the Hawaii trip, check it out here. Last year I also had the privilege to visit Grand Cayman with two of my aunts and sister. My aunts visit this beautiful island frequently, but it was a first for my sister and I. If you ever get the chance to visit, don’t leave without experiencing these things:

  1. Snorkeling – Such a fun thing to do if you need a break from lying in the hot sun. Grab a snorkel and venture out into the shore for a relaxing swim and view of the beautiful ocean creatures. There’s something so calming about seeing animals in their natural habitat.
  2. Scuba diving – I’m not going to lie, this gave me a little bit of anxiety at first. Being able to breathe underwater is so unnatural. After you get over the initial nervousness, it really is a beautiful and relaxing experience. Our second dive on the trip was to Sting Ray City!                      
  3. Fresh seafood – Seafood will never be the same after you experience it fresh from an island! I don’t think I ate any other meat besides fish while on the trip. We tried a little bit of everything: scallops, conch ceviche, lobster, sushi, red snapper, grouper, shrimp, and more.

  4. Minus5 Ice bar – It’s exactly how it sounds: A bar with everything made out of ice – Complete with ice shot glasses and ice benches to sit back and enjoy your drink. Just a fun little experience for when you need a break from the warm Cayman sun. Don’t forget your jacket before you walk in!gc7
  5. Excursion around the island – Carve a few hours out of your vacation to drive around the island and gander out the window. You’ll see so much character in the architecture, beautiful waves crashing against the rocks, and people will wave at you as you drive by.gc10
  6. Blow holes – This was such a fun experience! While you’re on your drive around the island, pull over to check out the crashing water arising out of the holes beneath the shore.
  7. Vivine’s Kitchen – A “hidden gem” and the perfect spot to try some tasty homestyle food. Vivine literally uses her personal kitchen to cook up a styrofoam plate full of delicious island food for you. Check it out!gc14
  8. Kayak trip – This was by far one of my favorite moments of the trip. The best part about our tour was that we did it at night. It was called the “bioluminescence tour”. With each paddle against the calm water, you could see plankton glowing underneath. Combine that with a breathtaking view of the stars and you have a beautiful night ahead. It was peaceful and inspiring all in one. I’m just bummed I don’t have any of my own photos to share! Here’s what it looks like:
  9. And lastly, (obviously!), LOTS of laying on the beach. Grab a book and enjoy your break from reality.gc4

We definitely experienced the finer things in life on this vacation. My travel bucket list is getting longer by the second, but I’d love the opportunity to visit Grand Cayman again someday. Opening up to new places, foods, activities, and cultures are a once in a lifetime experience. There’s nothing I would trade for the opportunity to travel.

Any upcoming adventures planned? I’d love to hear about them! Drop a comment below and tell me all about your #travelgoals.

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  1. Diving! Never tried it…I should it looks so fun and all the marine life you get to see…yeah it will be a good experience..and damnn…that sushi haha looks goooood.


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