Let’s Make This World a Brighter Place

Whether it’s a slight smile as you walk by a stranger, waving hello to someone across the room, or just making light conversation with the person checking your items at the grocery store – it makes for a more friendly, positive, and peaceful world.

Jerome, an employee at my workplace, is always SO friendly and pleasant to see. He’s one of the custodians for numerous companies in one building – so he sees a lot of different people every day. As he’s gathering garbage or cleaning the water fountains, he stops what he’s doing to smile and say hello to each person who walks by. Since he works in a building with hundreds of others, he doesn’t know a lot of these people personally. But he always makes a point to lock eyes and ask how their day is going. That is so refreshing and admirable in today’s world.

A few days ago, I learned that Jerome was named one of 4M Building Solutions’ Employee of the Quarter. The article was shared on social media – and there were tons of likes, comments, and shares, stating how impactful he is in each person’s lives.

Something so simple is sadly overlooked: making eye-contact with people passing by, and asking how they’re doing. Tons of people are applauding and complimenting Jerome – telling stories of how much it brightens their day when they cross paths. What a wonderful trait to be remembered for!

Since we’re so glued to our phones and other technology, this simple act of friendliness and kindness has become abnormal. Many would rather look down at their phones or appear distracted than they would to risk an awkward conversation with someone they don’t know. Every time I run into Jerome, it brightens my day and makes me smile. If you feel a simple hello and “How ya doin’ today?” is something we should normalize a little bit more, please share this and spread some good vibes!

If an article about you was shared on social media, what would the comments read? What are the traits you want to be remembered for?

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